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Can a cat drink milk?

Why you should not give milk to a cat:

You have probably heard before that you should not give regular (cow's) milk to a cat. This is correct!Kitten drinkt melk

For kittens, cow's milk simply does not meet their nutritional needs. It contains fewer calories and less protein than the mother cat's milk. If a kitten no longer wants or is able to drink from the mother cat, there is kitten milk powder available through the veterinarian. This can be given (after proper dilution) with the help of a small bottle and meets all the needs of a kitten.

For older cats, it is better not to give cow's milk because they are 'lactose intolerant' and can no longer digest it properly. The enzyme needed for the digestion of lactose is no longer produced by an older cat. This can cause various gastrointestinal problems and/or diarrhea when giving cow's milk. Strangely enough, most cats still enjoy cow's milk.

Therefore, it is wisest to give your cat only fresh water from the beginning. If you still want to give your cat milk, it is important that it is lactose-free. Cat milk is available in many pet stores and is lactose-free and therefore suitable for cats. However, keep in mind to use it more as a "treat." In terms of nutritional needs, it is not necessary, and you should be aware that cat milk is very high in calories and can lead to overweight.

For cats, the rule "only water" seems to be the best.


Image source: macondo/shutterstock.com