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Red mite control in chickens

Blood mite control in chickens with Finecto+

Published on May 10, 2019 – Biosecurity b.v. by: Roel Steijvers

Blood mite or bird mite (Dermanyssus gallinea) is the most common parasite in chickens in Europe. This mite is very small (0.5 – 1mm) and therefore difficult to detect with the naked eye. Infestation with blood mites is often noticed when the creature has already attacked. The chickens are then often very restless because they are itchy. As a result, they will constantly flutter and exhibit nervous behavior. To ensure the well-being and health of your chickens, early detection and control of this parasite are essential.


In warm summer weather, existing blood mites can multiply 10 to 100 times in 1-2 weeks. The behavior of your chickens reveals their presence. Chickens with a lot of blood mites sleep a lot during the day, do not eat and drink well, and lay fewer or no eggs. In addition, it can cause a loss of condition and/or anemia in your chickens. Blood mites also play a significant role in the development of E. coli infections. Enough reason to detect and control this parasite early on.


Effective control against blood mites is challenging but certainly not impossible. Finecto+ Protect is a control agent based on silicon dioxide and has proven to be effective against blood mites. Finecto+ Protect spray is a contact agent with an adhesive layer that adheres to blood mites. The challenge in blood mite control is the timing of treatment. During the day, blood mites will hide in hard-to-reach places, such as seams and cracks in your chicken coop. In the evening, they move towards the chickens to suck blood. Treatment is also difficult at that time because the mites are then between the feathers of the chicken and are hard to reach. Therefore, good timing of treatment is crucial. The most effective application of Finecto+ Protect seems to be at the beginning of the evening. Important places to spray with Finecto+ Protect are on the roost, in all seams and cracks, and in the nesting boxes. Treatment on the chickens themselves is also recommended. Don't forget to spray under the wings. Repeat the entire treatment every 2 weeks.

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An effective treatment of blood mites can sometimes take some time. To support your chickens during this period, it is recommended to administer Finecto+ Oral. Finecto+ Oral protects your chickens from itching due to insect bites. It creates a very powerful, long-lasting odor change, making the chickens unattractive to insects. Additionally, it has a calming effect and supports a healthy plumage. Since blood mites only suck blood once every six days, you should mix this into the feed of chickens or birds for at least 14 days. This ensures that all adult blood mites are reached.

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To detect a blood mite infestation early, it is recommended to take measures. With the Finecto+ Test, you can more easily demonstrate the presence of blood mites. This way, you can be on time to prevent/reduce the effects of blood mites. Hang the two test tubes under the roost and check every week if there are blood mites in the tube.

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