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Buy a puppy - Tips

Puppy Purchase Checklist

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Do you want to buy a puppy? Pay close attention because finding a healthy puppy is more challenging than you might think. Save yourself problems by preparing well with this handy puppy purchase checklist.

On the internet, cute puppies are often offered through advertisements on platforms like Marktplaats and other websites. However, behind many of these advertisements are so-called 'puppy mills' or unethical traders. No matter how tempting the ads may be, it is important to realize that you might be bringing a sick or poorly socialized dog into your home. Furthermore, you might inadvertently support illegal puppy trafficking.

Handy Puppy Purchase Checklist

The LICG (Information and Knowledge Center for Companion Animals) has a handy puppy purchase checklist that you can take with you when you go to see a puppy. Using this checklist can help you avoid ending up with an unethical breeder or trader. The LICG aims to encourage people to be more careful when selecting their puppy and to pay attention to where they come from. The advice is: "When in doubt, don't do it!"

Are you visiting a litter? Pay close attention!

If you plan to purchase a puppy, you should pay attention to several things:

  • How many litters are present?
  • Is the mother dog present?
  • Are the puppies microchipped and registered in the name of the seller?
  • How do the puppies react to sounds?
  • Does the nationality of the puppies match?

Printable checklist for the purchase of a puppy


Image source: MirasWonderland/shutterstock.com