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Worm treatment in dogs and kats at Zoolac.nl (9)

Worm tablets with effective action against roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and heartworms in dogs. Extensive choice in our range at zoolac.nl
Milquestra small cat/kittens - 2pcs
Bird Wormer - 10ml
Finecto+ C&W 500 ml
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Worm treatment in dogs and kats at Zoolac.nl

Your dog can contract intestinal worms anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. It is therefore practically impossible to prevent your dog from coming into contact with it, whether it is while walking, indoors or in your garden.

In addition, your dog may look healthy on the outside, even if he has worms in his body. Many symptoms are only visible when the problem is serious, which is why it is important to deworm your dog regularly. By deworming your dog you protect both your dog and yourself and your family against worms and parasites. How often you need to deworm your dog depends on the age of your dog.

Deworm your dog regularly

Puppy (2-8 weeks)
Young dog (8 weeks – 6 months)
Adult dog (6 > months)

Symptoms worms:
Your dog may be infected with worms if he has several of the following symptoms:
•Dull coat
• Distended abdomen
• Lethargy
•Loss of condition
•Worms in the stool
• Worm segments around the anus
•Lack of appetite
•Weight reduction
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