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Toxic flowers and plants for your dog or cat.

Welke planten zijn giftig voor honden of katten?

A house or garden full of plants is naturally very cozy. If there's also a curious cat or dog wandering around, the picture is complete. It's lovely to see, but you should always pay attention. Not all plants or flowers are safe for your pet. In this article, you'll learn which plants are toxic or non-toxic for your dog or cat, and how to prevent them from eating your plants or flowers.

Why does your dog or cat eat your plants? This can have various reasons:

  • Your pet is looking for a piece of greenery to remove something indigestible from its stomach. Grass, plants, or flowers are a natural way through which your cat or dog can induce vomiting. For a cat, eating grass or plants can help in removing a hairball that forms due to licking/washing its fur.
  • Your dog or cat may also eat your plants out of boredom. Dogs may also view it as play because they have the need to chew on something.
  • Your dog or cat may have a deficiency in a certain type of nutrient. For example, a cat nibbling on twigs or birch leaves may have kidney problems, and a cat chewing on the roots of your houseplants may suffer from diarrhea and need extra fiber.

How do you prevent your dog or cat from getting to your plants or flowers?

Katten en giftige planten

Honden en giftige planten

  • Always provide fresh cat grass for your cat.
  • Remove toxic plants or flowers.
  • You can distract a dog by giving him a tasty bone or a fun toy.
  • You can also train your dog or cat to stay away from the plants.