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Derma-Prescription - Full dermatological shampoo line


Derma-Prescription is a fully beneficial dermatological shampole pain for dogs, cats and horses.
A beautiful coat characterizes the health of the animal. Complaints about the coat and skin are common in pets. Not nice for your animal, but easy to remedy. That is why you will find a wide range of shampoos here, which you can use to remedy or reduce complaints. Derma prescription has a suitable shampoo for every skin problem.

DermaShine - With a dry and dull coat; restores moisture balance

DermaLux - For use on oily skin; degreased and removed dandruff and wound crusts.

DermaScale - Cleanses and hydrates dry and sensitive skin, removes dandruff and dead skin cells and restores moisture balance.

DermaCalm - For use on itchy and/or irritated skin, provides a protective and soothing layer on damaged and irritated skin.

DermaTopic - Hypoallergenic shampoo for use with skin infections caused by allergies, cleanses and disinfects the skin.

DermaBact - Mild restorative shampoo with disinfecting properties, lowers the acidity of the skin and thus deteriorates the growth conditions for bacteria.

DermaHex - Shampoo with powerful disinfecting properties, cleans wounds without drying out or causing irritation.

DermaBase - Cleansing moisturizing shampoo for dry and sensitive skin, removes dandruff and dead skin cells and restores essential fatty acids and jojoba oil.

DermaPhilo - Cream for the care of damaged skin caused by fungi, yeasts or bacteria.

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