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Zoolac Multipaste - Multifunctional pasta for pets

Zoolac Multipaste

ZooLac® MULTI PASTE is a new paste with the addition of clay mineral and yeast cell wall fragments, to stabilize the digestive system and balance the microbioom in the intestinal system.
It was developed at the request of veterinarians as an alternative to Zoolac Propaste in exceptional situations and especially for curative use.
Zoolac MULTIPASE is recommended for small or watery stools to get even faster results, and it is also recommended when toxins are present in the intestinal flora.

ZooLac® MULTI PASTE contains, vinasse, the clay mineral zeolite (Clinoptilolite) and yeast cell wall fragments that bind the harmful bacteria, toxins and moisture in the intestines.

ZooLac® MULTI PASTE is used for consistent intestinal content.

ZooLac® MULTI PASTE can be used for all animal species.

ZooLac® MULTI PASTE is very tasty and therefore easy to dose, animals love it.

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Zoolac Multipaste