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Temporary free gift, orders from 20€!

A number of our products have new labels from now on, so we give away the products with old labels for free!
Temporary free gift of your choice when you spend at least € 20 in our webshop
Min. €20:
VirkoSan 200ml worth €5,95 (new product)
Min. €30:
DermaOtic 125ml worth €12,90
Min. €35:
Dermacalm 250ml worth €13,25
DermaHex 200ml worth €13,45
Min. € 40:
DermaBact 200ML worth €13,90
Min. €45:
CleanSeal Vet 60ml worth €15,95
Min. €50:
EFA-prescription 100ml worth €24,50
In all cases, it concerns products with a long shelf life.
Opruimingsactie gratis cadeau op zoolac.nl