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Add One Salmon - 30 x 10 grams
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add one

Add One Salmon is a tasty snack for cats in the form of a creamy salmon sauce that is rich in moisture and Omega-3 fatty acids. Add One Salmon is also highly suitable for combining with Porus One to support kidney health. Add One contains less than 10 kcal per stick. These cat snacks contain no added sugar, colorants, or flavorings, and no preservatives.

Administration / Dosage

Add One Salmon can be administered directly from the hand to the cat or in combination with the Porus One pellets. It's best to place the Add One Salmon sachet in a bowl and mix the Porus One pellets into it. Always offer this mixture before offering new dry food.

Add One Zalm - als dagelijkse traktatie of om het toedienen van supplementen/medicatie te vergemakkelijken-1

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