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CleanSeal Vet 60 ML
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CleanSeal Vet

It happens to every pet owner at some point: your dog injures itself during the daily walk or a fight between your cat and the neighborhood cat ends with a few bloody scratches. The resulting superficial or abrasions are often not a direct reason for a visit to the vet, as most cuts and wounds heal on their own.

However, to optimize natural wound healing, it is still necessary to protect the wound against pathogens and organic pollution from the outside. Because even properly treated wounds can become infected and further damaged by poor treatment.

CleanSeal Vet – liquid spray plaster for (companion) animals
Treatment with CleanSeal Vet protects minor superficial injuries, scrapes and surgical wounds against contamination that occurs as a result of bacterial infections and dirt from dirty and/or damp conditions such as open fields, stables and bedding.

The CleanSeal Vet spray forms a transparent, protective and watertight barrier against bacterial infections so that healing is not delayed by contamination from the animal's environment. However, air supply to the wound remains possible after application of CleanSeal Vet, due to its breathable effect. This stimulates natural wound healing, without moisture reaching the wound. The CleanSeal Vet spray will dissolve and disappear within 3-4 days after application.

Treatment of superficial wounds with CleanSeal Vet has several advantages:

Immediate protection against (bacterial) infections with just one layer
Transparent, water resistant and breathable
Easy and fast to use
Applicable in circumstances where it is difficult or even impossible to use alternative products
Safe to use with all animal species

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