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Ophtosan Eye Ointment - 5 grams
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Ophtosan is an eye ointment for the care, soothing, and protection of the cornea in dogs and cats. It can be used for red and/or irritated eyes in dogs and cats.

Ophtosan is specially formulated to treat and soothe various eye problems in pets. It helps reduce irritation and redness in the eyes, which is particularly useful for pets with dry or irritated eyes due to allergies or infections. Ophtosan can also be used to treat superficial eye infections in dogs and cats. The ointment provides a protective effect, shielding pets' eyes from external influences such as dust, dirt, and foreign objects. Because of these properties, Ophtosan is a valuable tool for promoting eye health and comfort in pets.

Dosage / Administration

Ophtosan eye ointment is easy to apply and is generally well tolerated by pets. Ophtosan has an optimal viscosity at room temperature. The ointment is applied locally to the eye. It is important that the tip of the cannula does not come into contact with the eye or eyelashes; the animal will then close its eye reflexively.

Apply a small amount to the eyeball two to four times a day.

Composition / Ingredients

Per gram of ointment:

  • Vitamin A palmitate: 10,000 I.U.


Read the package leaflet before use.

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