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Porus One - 30 x 500 mg
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Porus one

Porus One is a tasteless and odorless dietary supplement for cats that supports kidney health. The pellets absorb toxins in the kidneys and eliminate them through the feces. The Porus One pellets are not absorbed by the body and are completely excreted, thus not burdening the metabolism. You can add Add One Salmon to Porus One to make it even more palatable for your cat. Administration / Dosage Administer 1 sachet of Porus One once daily. It is best to mix the pellets with wet food so they adhere well. Administer any medication 2 hours before giving Porus One to the cat.

What is Porus One made of?

Porus One is made of Renaltec.

Renaltec is a selective, carbon-based absorber in pellet form.

Porus One is free from preservatives and additives and is excreted in the feces. It is not metabolized or absorbed and does not accumulate in the body.

Renaltec consists of small, black homogeneous pellets with a diameter of 0.1 to 0.3 mm. Each pellet has a smooth surface with a number of absorption pores. The spherical shape and internal branched channel system provide a high absorption capacity.

Precursors of uremic toxins can bind to the pellets due to an opposite electrical charge.

The pores are made so small that only very small molecules like uremic toxin precursors can enter the interior of the pellet. Particles with a larger diameter such as vitamins, enzymes, or cells penetrate less effectively.

The Renaltec pellets help bind precursors of uremic toxins, facilitating their excretion in the cat's feces and aiming to relieve the kidneys.

Extra Tips for Use: For cats that only eat dry food, we recommend mixing Porus One with a small amount of something moist that the cat really enjoys.

Use the Porus One mixture before giving the regular food.

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